Sunday, July 02, 2006

Becoming a tiger?

When I started to write this post, I definitely had something in mind. Now I don't even remember what it is. Something about my friend Susan who wrote the book of that title? (without the question mark) It showed up on the online bookclub, which I definitely thought was cool.

So here it is, some missing memory fragment from back in June, that will have to stand in for a post for now. At least the page will look different if anyone is still checking.

I still have plenty to say about why I homeschool. Now to be supplemented by my adventures this summer trying to support a homeschooling community, only to be greeted with general disdain and vile calumny. What the heck, it's only one summer. I still have a nice family, and I can tell you, this summer has made me appreciate them more.


I can elaborate if anyone is interested. You know my name, look up the number.


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Yeah a new post!

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