Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Many a Slip

In the event, this is how my day turned out:

before 8: try to read LLD
8-9 AM: keep on reading, wait for Ziad and Maya to wake up
9-10 AM: make breakfast, supervise guitar practice, get piano stuff together
10-11:15 AM: drop children off (I NEVER do this) to run errands
11:30-12:00 PM: wash dishes while children eat lunch
12-1 PM: go to Los Gatos to pick up some educational supplies, drive to Brownies
1-2:30 PM: Brownie Meeting
2:30-3 PM: drive around aimlessly looking for friend's house
3-4:30 PM: friend's house
4:30-5PM: drive to rehearsal, stop for a quick bite to eat
5-6:30 PM: chorus rehearsal -- try to read, try to rest, try to read
7 PM: get home, vacuum floor, macaroni and cheese for children
7:30 PM: book club

Tomorrow I have to be in Santa Cruz by 9, ready for both children to spend the day there.

Friday we will be making ocarinas in the morning, gingerbread castles in the afternoon, and then I go to visit some friends in the evening.

This week is getting out of control.


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