Tuesday, December 04, 2007

No one cares what you ate for breakfast

I saw this title on an article about how to write a blog. Words to live by, I suppose. Although frankly, if one of my friends comes up with a breakfast menu they think is noteworthy for some reason, I'm game. Tell me about it.

However, if you're one of those people who don't care what I ate for breakfast, read no further. I'm not going to talk about what I ate, but what I did, and express my amazement that I can get up at 4 in the g_d morning and not really accomplish what I had planned.

Because, frankly, I thought I got up at 4 to have time for my reading. It turns out that if I want to really feel caught up on my reading, it takes a good 3 hours per day. An hour on the internet, an hour reading papers/magazines, and an hour reading an improving non-fiction kind of book (usually history). Since I don't actually HAVE 3 hours per day once the kids are up and things are moving, I pretty well have to start around 4 if I'm going to read.

So imagine my surprise when it turned out that I got up at 4 because I have become the kind of person who can't sleep well when they have tasks to do. I was even having a strange dream that I'm pretty sure was prompted by my promise to our guitar teacher that I would post an announcement about his school on some e-mail lists. One of the first things I did when I got up. But then, instead of cruising my e-mail and my blogs, I went downstairs and started looking at a history book I want the children to read. Then I did some prep for the Brownie meeting tomorrow. Then I wrote a little French dialog for the kids to perform as a puppet show. Then (and this is what really boggles my mind) I actually ironed the patches that Maya earned onto her badge sash, and followed that up with finishing a small amount of ironing that has been kicking around for approximately three months, and then reinforced another of her badges with some hand-sewing, as those iron-on patches don't really stick all that well. What is up with that? I am so not that mom. I am the mom who shows up with her kid's patches NOT ironed on and a million apologies and excuses as to why that is the case.

So here it is, 7 AM, too late to really count on a good block of reading time, and I haven't even started the soup for lunch, or looked at the Latin I'm trying to learn, or knitted a stitch on any of the many projects currently adorning my living room. I haven't planned the food for Ziad's party on Sunday, or even decided whether I'm going to buy or bake the cake. No exercise for me today, either, I'm thinking, because Tuesday is a day when we touch down at home very lightly. Guitar class, library visit, park day, and tonight an extra special treat, a presentation of magnetic tricks and hoop-la that I've heard is quite amazing. I wonder if I'll be able to stay awake.


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