Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday Tea

Sunday afternoon, after Maya's piano recital, I went for holiday tea. What was once a fairly large group of women, some of whom I knew pretty well, has dwindled down to quite a small group, none of whom I know well at all. I really like tea, though, so why would I let being the odd person out stop me from enjoying myself? Why, thank you very much, I wouldn't at all.

This year we went to Lisa's Tea Treasures in Campbell. We've also been to the one in Santana Row, but for some reason the one in Campbell is better. I can't exactly put my finger on it. It was a pleasant meal, with scones and lemon curd, and a lovely eggnog cake that I brought home for dinner.

The woman who organizes these teas is someone far removed from my normal circle of friends. She is a real estate agent, she is a religious Lutheran, she is an entrepeneur. I really like her, despite all these black marks against her. Because she is also thoughtful, open-minded, a little off-beat, and seems to share a lot of my views on what is important in child-raising. And she throws a mean tea. We eat, we talk, we exchange Christmas ornaments, there are always little favors. Nine years now, we've been doing this. How is that possible?


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