Sunday, December 09, 2007

Le Gros Monsieur

Did I mention we're studying French? Yes, we are, and I love it. I think the kids love it to. I also love our French program, but every now and then it makes me wonder, "Can they really say that?"

My first indication that this program was not too PC was Le Gros Monsieur. They don't give you translations, you're supposed to be thinking in French right from the get-go, but in my world, Le Gros Monsiuer means The Fat Guy. And indeed, the accompanying picture shows a person of some girth. Who eats. A lot. Or as they say on our CD, "Le Gros monsieur mange, mange, mange." Le Gros Monsieur has many lines along the lines of, "Garçon! Encore des spaghettis!" (Waiter! More spaghetti!) And then, to top it off, le monsieur mince rit (the skinny guy laughs). No, wait, tout le monde rit (everybody laughs). Ziad and Maya are cracking up right along with the CD, although I think it's more for the pleasure of laughing than anything else. And, of course, a French program that makes you laugh is a French program you will continue with. Still, is this really OK? Of course, le gros monsieur get his chance to laugh later on, when le monsieur mince tries on some pants that are too big, so maybe it all evens out in the end.

But then, in lesson 9, the mom spanks the baby! Admittedly, he has been throwing eggs all over the house, but still. What crazy world are these French teachers living in anyway?

Except I have a sneaking feeling that the PC bubble that is Northern California looks more like the crazy world to almost every one else.



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