Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Palo Alto Pumpkin Patch


We are huge fans of blown glass in this family. Even though I am not a person who should be allowed to collect anything, due to my complete inability to maintain a physical environment where collections can be showcased as they deserve, I actually have a tiny collection of various glass items. Little blue glass elephants from Venice, a few blocks of glass with little glass fish swimming around inside, some millefiore paperweights (I especially love millefiore). And now I have a glass pumpkin, and Ziad and Maya each have one, too. At least it's all in a good cause.


There are at least two glass pumpkin patches that I know of around here, both of them benefits. One is held on the lawn at Los Gatos High School, one on the lawn of the art museum in Palo Alto. We went to the one in Palo Alto because it's closer to my Mom's house, and she likes glass pumpkins, too.

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Then we had to leave for their three-hour guitar marathon (two classes of one and a half hours each), the one made all the more charming because I am fasting. I have started taking my knitting along, and no amount of dirty looks from guitar instructors will make me stop. However, perhaps because I only got four hours of sleep the night before, I spent more time ripping stitches out than putting them in.



Blogger zelda said...

Ha! We drove by the LG one this weekend (going to Icing on the Cake) and I made a snarky comment about seeing that many glass pumpkins in one place and how ridiculous it would seem if you substituted any other vegetable for pumpkin. The glass tomato festival. The glass zucchini festival. Glass Brussels Sprouts Festival...

But I have to admit, I wouldn't mind having a couple of those pumpkins and I'm thinking of stopping by next year.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Actually, at the Palo Alto one, they had a glass mushroom table, and Maya and Ziad were quite taken with it. And the seasonal glass ornaments include snowmen and easter eggs. So of course, since there is no tomato holiday, there is no glass tomato patch. And also, since pumpkins figure prominently in Cinderella, they have become imbued with a kind or fantasy, fairyland aura that lends itself well to glass artwork.

3:49 PM  

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