Friday, September 28, 2007

Milking a Goat at Hidden Villa

by Maya

The man who milks the goats showed us the goat food. There were two kinds. The first was kind of like Cheerios with sugar on them. He wouldn't let us eat them, but he said he eats them himself sometimes. They were little pellets. The other food was also pellets, except it was longer and more greyish-colored. He scooped it up into

The woman showed us how to milk the goats. We used our thumbs for an example. You squeeze from the top and the more gently down to the bottom. This way you get all the milk at the top and then push it down from the bottom. If you just squeeze at the bottom it hurts the goat.

They said they get ten pounds of milk every day. They goat they milk is going to have babies. The man told us that they only have milk when they have babies, but they stay like that for almost the whole year.

The man who milks the goats dumped some food onto a tray. The goat was really excited. It was putting its hooves on the fence. I think they did that to make it stay still while we milked it. We were only milking one goat. Because of that we had to wait in line for our turn. I was near the end. When we got to it, it was really fun to milk it. Nobody ever got kicked or butted. I hope they do that again. While I waited for Mom to come pick me up, we got to pet all the goats in the pen. Then we got to pet that same one because they let it into the pen. They had the thing of what they gave the goats. I was glad Mom got there soon because they dumped some food in the pen and so most of the goats were interested in the food and so we couldn't pet them. Only one wasn't. I think it was the one that we milked because it had already eaten at the place where we milked it. It was really fun.



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