Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter is upon us

Decisions, decisions. Should we go to the library party on Friday night or the bookstore party in the morning? Well, the bookstore won out, since we had copies on reserve there.

So down we drove to the bookstore, seven o'clock in the morning, and found the party in full swing. Lots of games where the kids could win little stones, then trade them in for a prize from a grab bag. A scavenger hunt, book readings, trivia contests. Friends we hadn't seen in a while. It was a nice couple of hours, but I started to get hungry, plus really, it seemed like time to get reading.

And so now, it's over. Seven books and more than that many years of waiting. Reading this last installment, I was really impressed. I know I have spoken slightingly of the Harry Potter series in the past. This last book pulls it all together beautifully, though. As someone who has lost people I loved dearly, I feel this book touches eloquently on what death means to the ones who survive. I've never really thought these were appropriate as children's books, and this last one is certainly no exception. It's very intense, and difficult to read in places. Ziad is tackling it, but finding it tough going. I wonder if he'll re-read this series any time soon. I doubt I will. It feels funny, though, not to have another book in the offing.

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