Wednesday, July 18, 2007

OK, tell me what you really think

I think this (which I saw on Bitch, Ph.D.) is pretty amazing. I'm interested to hear what other people think, not just people who view it in the same light I do. (Although I like to hear from those people, too.) Which is to say that if this article strikes you as unmitigated tripe (or even mitigated tripe), I think I'm capable of hearing you out without feeling that we have come to a parting of the ways, or even having my friendly feelings for you wane in any way. And I hope that can be reciprocal.


Blogger Lesley said...

So much to comment on... I don't know where to start. I like brevity, so I'll just say it's so sad, it's funny.

8:21 PM  
Blogger zelda said...

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3:55 PM  
Blogger zelda said...

I think this is the reason why reasonable discourse on political issues is impossible in most cases. You have one extremist writing about other extremists with the end result being nothing constructive in any way. Its inflammatory and gets the blood pumping and releases all kinds of crazy chemicals to the body and brain and in the end accomplishes nothing but getting people all jittery and paranoid. Kind of like cocaine only cheaper and ultimately more destructive.

4:06 PM  

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