Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trick Question Ahead

STAR test this morning. Ziad and Maya don't attend a regular school, so we had to drive across town during the tail of the morning commute traffic to get them where they needed to be. Before we left in the morning they needed to take a shower, eat a nutritious breakfast (home-fried potatoes and poached eggs), get their stuff together, including books to read if they finished early, and generally get organized. I had to make their nutritious breakfast, make lunches and snacks for them, make lunch for their father, also get some coffee ready in the thermos for him since he wouldn't be getting up till later, and get ready myself. So guess which task took up the most time? As any mother could tell you, it was running up and down the stairs from the kitchen making sure that they maintained focus. And what did I encounter on these trips upstairs? A boy, clad only in underwear, standing still as a statue in the middle of his room. (Why?) A girl, socks in one hand, book in the other, reading on her bed (AARGH!) And so on. I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment pulling out of the garage only 10 minutes later than I had hoped to, still a good 20 minutes earlier than I had feared.


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