Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am SO Shallow

My husband has been sick, on and off, it seems like forever. Well, actually just since the beginning of January. His latest bout with stomach flu took away his appetite, and he went days without eating much of anything at all. By the time he went to the doctor he was starting to feel better, which is good, because the doctor did nothing, but I'm still glad he went. I'm thinking, though, that he got weighed in at that doctor's visit, because when I commented that he seemed to have lost weight recently, he said, "I lost ten pounds."

That's a lot of weight to lose, even over an eight-week period. Especially when it wasn't done on purpose. So did I feel sorry for him that he was SO sick and lost all that weight? Did I express sympathy or distress? No, I said "You look good like that." And I'm thinking that I'm going to stop putting dessert in his lunch.


Blogger Lesley said...

I hate to say it... but I wish my honey would catch a stomach bug and get the same results as your honey. I guess I need to stop dancing around the subject with him. Comments from me like, "Wow! That's sure a lot of ice cream!" or "He's eating for two" are falling on deaf ears. And he's in such denial that he's gaining weight! Last week he said, "I have to get some new jeans, these have shrunk." Oh yes dear, that's it...your clothes are shrinking.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you could help instead of hinder... comments never fall on deaf ears. it's probably your fault he's gaining weight. it doesn't seem like you're doing anything to help, maybe you could go to the gym together instead of put him down about it

9:07 AM  

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