Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We joined the 4-H because I always thought it sounded cool, and my children are still small enough to go along with my odd enthusiasms. And this time, it really panned out for us. We joined the beekeeping club.

The club meets at the History Park, and the guy who runs it even has kid-sized beekeeping outfits. Little teeny moon-men in their protective white gear, following the beekeeper around and helping him out with the hives. Very cute, and yet also slightly surreal.

Ziad and Maya loved it. Now they want their own beekeeping suits, but at $150 a pop, I think we'll just wait and make sure their enthusiasm doesn't wane. Although, did I mention that they look extremely cute? If we still enjoy the beekeeping club this time next year, and I can figure out a way to sell it to my husband, I see hives in our future. Honey galore! Lavender honey, too, because I already have so many bees on the lavender in my yard that I can't actually pick any until the blossoms are all dead.

Next up: guinea pig club, field trip club, and robotics club. (I was very surprised to see the 4-H going into robotics. They also have a music composition club, and a public speaking club. They've really branched out since I first heard about them.) And in the meantime, I have a feeling we're going to get our membership fee back in honey. We go to our first extraction on Sunday! Very exciting!


Blogger Vivian said...

oooo, fresh honey! that's the best. yum!

8:29 AM  
Blogger Lesley said...

Glad to hear 4-H is still around. We used to go to Emma Prusch all the time when we lived close by.... I can't take my kids there anymore, or the zoo, 'cause I get tired of hearing them whine.... "What's that smell????"

10:16 AM  

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