Sunday, May 21, 2006


Saturday was the annual Insect Fair, held by the Youth Science Institute over in Sanborn Park. Too bad Maya was feeling ill in the morning, again. At least we didn't have expensive tickets this time. Poor thing, she had to stay home while I took her brother. This was our third trip to the Fair, which is held annually. We always love it. They have lots of fun crafts, insects to see and hold, fun food for snacks, and a beautiful mountain park to walk around afterwards. Also a great horned owl for people to see. I love this beautiful bird for himself, but I also find it fascinating the way the jays in the park always know he's around and raise a huge ruckus in his vicinity. Oh, and best of all -- lots of free stuff. Love the free stuff. We got some cool plants for the garden that are supposed to attract beneficial insects (and hummingbirds), some pens, some seeds. We tried not to linger too long this time, because I don't like to leave Maya when she's not feeling good, but at least we brought her some raw material for crafts, and some plants she can call her own.


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