Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday well-spent

We started the day at the farmer's market in Los Gatos. There are two vendors there who know us: the crepe-maker and the apple seller. We're not the only ones who like the crepes there. If you don't get there early, the line can take up to 45 minutes. I didn't really realize the line was that long until I timed it one time -- it's always kind of cool to watch the people and their dogs, and eavesdrop on the people in front of me in line (I am terrible about that), so it's not a long or uncomfortable 45 minutes. Unless you're hungry. All things considered, we like to try to get there before 9. It's funny that the crepe maker knows who we are, and we know who he is, but we don't know each others' names. He'll always be the crepe guy to me.

Same with the apple seller. Considering that he's there for only a few months each year, it's kind of cool that he always recognizes us. Ziad is a huge fan of the apples we buy there, and looks forward every fall to the day when apples will be at the market again. This is one of the few places to buy the elusive Gravenstein, an apple not widely cultivated because it does not keep or transport well. They were the only apples my grandmother would cook with though, or so my mother tells me. They have a beautiful taste and fragrance, and hold their texture well. Their season is usually short, but there they were today, so I brought some home, along with some McIntosh, which are my favorite apple to eat. Ziad and Maya also bought an assortment, but since they all go together in one bag it's hard to remember what kinds they are.

The afternoon was spent getting ready to put food in the oven. I really like to bake more than one thing at a time, thereby getting maximal use out of the energy I'm using to heat the oven. Today I made:

for dinner tonight:
a huge pan of lasagne
peach crisp

for dinner tomorrow:
meatballs, half with tomato sauce, half without
apple crisp

Okay, so it doesn't sound so impressive written down, but I don't think I could fit another pan in the oven. And I cleaned up after myself, too! The kitchen is clean! So now we have lots of counter space to pile the dirty dinner dishes on .... oh, well.


Blogger zelda said...

It actually does look impressive. And yummy. I happen to be a big fan of all of those things. We go to the Farmer's Market here in Almaden and we have become addicted to the German pretzels or "crazy sticks" as we have dubbed them...I really need to find out the German word for that.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Vivian said...

Ahh, we manage to miss each other! We have been going to the Farmer's Market every Sunday for a few months, but I was dead tied this Sunday after spending a whole day in Monterey packing up my mom's place to get her ready for a move this coming weekend. I ended up flat in bed for half of the morning :-( oh well, there is always next time.

The crepe guy is like the Soup Nazi, they don't need names. For what it's worth, the Pâté guy in the next booth said the crepe guy is not really French ;-) but people will still like his crepe I'm sure.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Oh, no, I already know that the crepe guy is Greek. His crepes are not particularly authentic, especially not in his choice of fillings, but we love them just the same.

The pate guy is French, though. I love listening to him talk.

2:06 PM  

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