Friday, April 28, 2006

Tuesday the 25th

On Tuesday, I took Ziad to a dress rehearsal of the San Francisco Ballet's Program Eight. It was a great afternoon. The seats were not reserved, so we got to pick out the seat that worked best for a young boy, which was not the seat with the best view. It was the seat with no one sitting in front or to the side, where he could kick his feet and wiggle as much as he liked. That was good, because he really enjoyed the music, but he enjoyed with his whole body, and that can get annoying for fellow audience members sometimes. There was one modern piece, one set to jazz music, and one to classical music. It was a very nice variety, and we both had a good time. Maya had a great afternoon being her grandmother's special guest, so the day worked out well for all of us.


Anonymous Lesley said...

What if everyone at the ballet, or the Opera enjoyed the music like a young boy, or any young child? I think the world would be much more fun!

6:29 PM  

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