Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sunday the 23d

So I've been trying to upload pictures of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but so far no success. We took another trip down there on Sunday, so that the kids could participate in their Explorer program (the payoff is a celebration at the end of the year, and maybe a gift-certificate and a sweatshirt, if they complete enough activities). It wasn't quite the relaxing and enjoyable experience that Member's Night usually is. The aquarium was super-crowded, Ziad got a ferocious nosebleed and lost a stuffed shark, what else .... maybe that's all. Believe me, that was enough. It was nice to have a longer visit, though, and we got to parts of the aquarium we don't usually see. I have some very nice pictures of shorebirds that my husband took, and maybe one day I will actually be able to post them.

On the way home, since it was still light, we had the chance to stop at the nearby Dennis the Menace playground. Ziad and Maya really love playing there.


Anonymous Lesley said...

I'm back from NC! Now I can catch up on all the blog action. And so much to catch up on!!! Now I know I'll never be able to start my own blog 'cause I'm spending all my spare time reading everyone elses.

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