Sunday, April 23, 2006

Guadalupe River Garden

We celebrated Earth Day at the Guadalupe River Garden Park. Too bad it was so cold! There was a lot of interesting stuff to do and see, but we really kind of rushed through everything, shivering the whole time.

A particular highlight for me was the Tierra del Sol booth, selling drought-tolerant native plants. The woman in charge was very helpful and informative. I had to really hold myself back because all her plants were so attractive. Common sense prevailed, however, and we went home with one plant apiece. I got a wild current, which produces beautiful blossoms that butterflies like, followed by edible berries that birds are fond of; Ziad got a red dianthus, and Maya got a native fuchsia. She held our plants while we explored the rest of the exhibits.

There was a group of weavers there, letting children card, spin, and weave wool. They also had an activity where they could tie-dye a silk handkerchief. Ziad and Maya loved that part. Then we walked over to the model trains, presented by an organization promoting setting up model layouts in the garden. A long stroll through various other activities, including a scavenger hunt and a movie promotion, took up the rest of our morning. We were hungry and cold when we got home, but it was worth it.


Blogger Vivian said...

The weavers sound like a lot of fun. we took Henry to a sheep to shawl contest last year, everyone loved it.

10:55 AM  

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