Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are homeschoolers disadvantaged?

Interesting debate over at



Blogger Lesley said...

Audrey's teacher at back to school night....

"My name is Mrs. Adams. I've wanted to teach ever since I was 4 years old. I have two children... I home schooled both of them... and I want to clarify something here about home schooling... We were not home all day! We participated in all sorts of wonderful programs out side the home. I taught my children how to read at two years of age. I say this not brag, but to tell you that it can be done. If your child has a problem reading... I can fix it. I believe the key to learning is reading... if the children have any free time in this class...they will be reading. I've taught every grade except kindergarten.. I love teaching and together we are going to have a wonderful year."

She also went on to say that both of her children play musical instruments (her daughter plays the harp) and that both hold multiple degrees.

And I walked out of the class and thought to myself.... "I hit the teacher jackpot!"

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