Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of school!

You know how sometimes when you have a bad Monday, your whole week is just shot to hell? Why is that, anyway? Fortunately for us, today was great. We're trying to get on a schedule that includes some outdoor time in the morning -- that's supposed to motivate the kids to get moving and not dawdle over their morning chores or their breakfast. We're still not making the morning park time, but at least music practice/school work began on time.

So now we are formally alternating lessons with practice, which means one will study while the other practices, and I'll kind of keep an eye on both while also doing various and sundry chores. It seems like this might actually be workable, and if we can get this to be a routine, that's-just-what-you-do kind of thing, then we will be getting schoolwork done AND making it to morning music lessons (right now we have them three mornings out of our week) all without breaking a sweat. Knock on wood.

We celebrated by going out and buying school supplies. Highlighters! Ball point pens with lots of different colors! Post-its! And when we got home a friend had called wanting to come over and swim, so that's how we spent the afternoon.

It's been a lovely day.



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