Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The amuse-bouches of an electronic wastrel

I think I've posted this before, but it deserves a second viewing. Make your own Jackson Pollock here. Just drag the cursor across the screen to make a line, and click to change the color.

Speaking of changing color, here is a game where you click on a ball to change its color. It gets easier if you hang in there a while. Good luck.

This game is supposedly training for astronauts, although I can't really imagine why.

This tic-tac-toe game is badly programmed, I think, because the computer doesn't always seem to play to win. So enjoy! Show that computer who's boss.

And here is my favorite, a vocabulary game. I can even make it to level 50, although I don't usually stay there long. The words tend to repeat, so you can definitely improve your performance if you play for a while.

Or you could actually get something done.


Blogger Lesley said...

Darn--- to bad I won't have access to a PC at work... I could be playing all these games!

9:48 AM  
Blogger Vivian said...

I have Free Rice linked on my blog as well. I never made it out of the 30s.

2:10 PM  

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