Friday, June 27, 2008

Like water for empty air

We were up at Train Town in Sonoma one time. It was my dad and our family, getting ready to board the miniature train that runs through the miniature town on their little plot of land.

Maya chose a seat toward the back of the train. Nabil wanted her to sit up front with the rest of us.

"Maya, if you come and sit here with us I'll give you some chocolate," he offered.

My dad managed not to say anything, but I could see he was horrified. The whole concept of bribing a child into compliance goes way against the grain for him.

Maya was fine with it, though. She came and sat with her family. Then Nabil stretched out his empty hand and gave her some imaginary chocolate. Which she took and pretended to eat. My dad was blown away. I was pretty impressed myself.

Maya's not the only one in our family who looks at things from a different angle.

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Blogger Lesley said...

My mom and I took the kids to Train Town 2 years ago. (Or maybe it was 3?) Anyway, we spent the weekend in Sonoma and Santa Rosa, visiting local attractions. For some reason we thought Train Town would take us an entire to day to see. That tag line on the brochure "We're one fifth the size of Disneyland" somehow got me to thinking it was a huge park! After 2 hours we realized we had done, and seen everything to was to do in Train Town. Cute place, but whatever you do, don't devote a day to it.

And if Nabil ever offers me chocolate, I'm not going to fall for it.

4:29 PM  
Blogger zelda said...

Yeah. I like to say that I'll eat any kind of chocolate but that was before I knew about the Nabil-totally-pretend-chocolate variety.

Great story though.

4:54 PM  
Blogger zelda said...

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4:54 PM  

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