Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Midweek muddle

Well, the Wednesday chore day hit a new low today, as a day that seemed open turned out as crazy and chaotic as any other. This time, however, the fault can clearly be traced to late sleeping and foot dragging, as Ziad and Maya took a full hour to eat lunch (they didn't like it) and a full hour and a half to only partially wash the dishes (there were a lot, but still ...). That used up all the time between piano classes and their dental appointments. We got a little bit done between our arrival at home and dinner time, but it's the least we've done so far. At least I didn't have to do it, is all I have to say.

Am I beating a dead horse here? Are we, in fact, not yet ready to make that commitment to a clean and orderly house? I hope that it turns out we ARE ready. One reason I keep writing about it is to keep the focus, to keep looking forward to the next week, to remember that this is a long-term project. (Changing our habits, I mean. I understand that actually keeping the house clean is a never-ending project.)

As for next week -- Boxing Day. We'll have to have some time for cleaning then.



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