Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bunny Burnout

So it turns out those adorable little bunnies are more time-consuming than I figured. Apparently, even though the number of stitches is not large, going around and around making little tubes on double point needles just takes a long time. It also turns out that I'm not very good at picking up stitches, something that you have to do a lot of for this bunny.

It's also true that life has thrown me a few curveballs lately, and time that I had planned to use for knitting got taken away through no fault of my own. So here I am, still plugging away on those bunnies, still optimistic, but wondering if I am really using these last few days before Christmas wisely. I doubt any socks or hats will be finished before Christmas.

Bunny status report: Two complete torsos, with limbs, one still needing legs. Six ears to go, then faces to embroider, stuffing to put in, and final knitting up the back, and lastly three tails to knit and sew on. If I can finish the legs and ears today, I'll know I'm in business, but is that a realistic target? Time will tell.



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