Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Welcome Back Monarchs Day

Did you know that a Monarch butterfly can fly up to 100 miles in a day?

Did you know that they only need liquid once a week?

Did you know that it's the female that has the most vivid markings?

We learned these facts and many more at Welcome Back Monarchs Day at Natural Bridges State Park. We also ate pumpkin ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, made some lovely paper flowers, played in the woods, and admired the ocean. We saw monarch caterpillars at various stages of their development.

This is our fourth year going to Welcome Back Monarchs Day, and the first year we've gone when I haven't been fasting. It didn't really fit in our schedule all that well this year, but my grim determination to have a taste of the pumpkin ice cream could not be denied. And you know what? The ice cream was delicious, and even our short visit was totally worth it.

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Monarchs are hard to photograph. If you click on this picture, you will see some black butterfly silhouettes (barely visible here as black dots in the sky). This picture completely fails, however, to capture the way they animate the landscape. They glow in the air as they fly overhead. Their gently fluttering wings as they cluster on tree branches create a wave of movement all around. This grove is a wonderful place to be when the monarchs are visiting.



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I'm glad you got to have your ice cream. I hope to sample some of it next year!

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