Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

My kids love Halloween. Of course they do. What's not to like? Costumes, candy, staying up late -- it's all good. And pumpkins. We LOVE pumpkins. So we were kind of bummed when someone stole the pumpkin right off our front porch this afternoon. I keep wondering why someone would do that. Our neighbors seem to have been allowed to keep theirs. Of course ours was spectacularly beautiful; I guess it's siren song of autumn magic was just too much for some passer-by.

We went to Los Gatos to trick-or-treat this year. Having been warned (by not just one, but actually three different friends) about the mob scene, we went early. It was awesome. The houses were beautiful, the streets were blocked off so no worries about cars ... very relaxed and friendly. We didn't get much in the way of candy; didn't even really go to many houses, just kicked back and enjoyed the atmosphere, then left before it got too crowded or dark.

Of course, since we were all in Los Gatos, there was no one at home to hand out candy; but then, there never is at our house, since my husband is never home from work at that time and I always go with the kids. We just leave a big bowl of candy on the front porch. Our neighborhood is pretty quiet; we usually have pretty much the whole bowl left when we get back. This year, for some reason, I put the candy in a big wooden bowl I've had forever, and when we got close to home I began to worry that someone had stolen my bowl. I was still kicking myself for not having used a plastic bowl, one that I wouldn't have missed, when we pulled into the driveway and saw the bowl still there. Phew!

Then Ziad went out to bring in the leftover candy and surprise! Someone had emptied out the whole bowl. So even though we had a pretty nice day, we're just feeling ripped off. And now I hear someone setting firecrackers off in the street. Honestly!


Blogger zelda said...

We set our bowl out, overflowing with candy, went to trick-or-treat the neighbors and came home for a sec and while we were across the street a group of teenagers had emptied the entire thing.


10:36 PM  
Blogger Vivian said...

These teenagers steal Halloween from little kids. Henry went to San Jose Giants event with Dad and I stayed home with the dogs. Our bowl of candies were half gone, which is pretty amazing consider not a lot of people even know of this street.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Vivian said...

So sorry about the stolen pumpkin. You must feel so violated when people just snatch things right off your front porch.

2:14 PM  

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