Saturday, September 30, 2006

Reason 94: Breakfast in San Francisco

Why do I homeschool my kids? An anecdote, that is also a reason:

While we were having breakfast one day, Maya started asking me about Queen Elizabeth I, her sister Queen Mary, etc. Why? I’m not sure. We had been watching a DVD of the old BBC series with Glenda Jackson (excellent, by the way) but that was ages ago. She probably had been reminded of it by seeing the cover of After Elizabeth that was reading – a portrait, naturally, of Queen Elizabeth, even though the book is supposed to be about the aftermath of her reign. Anyway, all of a sudden we were having a fairly detailed discussion about the Tudor family, and how Henry VIII wanted so badly to have a son, and why, and what happened instead, and so on and so forth. When abruptly Ziad weighed in with some scientific question that I don’t remember now, and we started thinking about how to figure out the answer.

The couple at the table next to us left to start their day of tourism in the city, and as they passed our table the husband leaned over and said “I love the way you’re teaching your children, Mom.”

Not to say that doesn’t happen to other families, but to me that is a real homeschooling moment. (And I don’t mean that my children are gifted or special because they happened to be asking me these questions over the breakfast table.)

Nurturing their love of learning is one of the most joyous endeavours a parent can undertake.

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Blogger Lesley said...

That must have really made your morning! Your day even!

10:52 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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