Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vegetable week in review

Ten days ago now, I went to the Farmer's Market with Barbara Kingsolver on my mind. I got a whole pile of vegetables, and they weren't cheap either. I spent $30 at one stand alone, although not nearly so much at any of the others. Here is what I bought:

purple cauliflower
a cabbage
salad greens

This is what they became:

leek and cabbage soup
potato and turnip puree (think mashed potatoes, but with turnip in there, too)
steamed cauliflower
beet salad
green salad
a beautiful vegetable lasagne made with a recipe I saw in Sunset magazine

The vegetables lasted all week. In fact, I still have the turnip greens but I doubt now that I'll have the fortitude to cook and eat them. They look kind of tough.

The cabbage was incredible. I like cabbage OK in general, but this cabbage tasted fantastic.

I think I like buying a week's worth of vegetables at a time. It was really fun to always have something fresh in the refrigerator.


Blogger Lesley said...

It was yummy too!

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