Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's the story, Morning Glory?

I said Wednesday was going to be my check on how things are going day, and I wish I hadn't. I really don't want to even think about housekeeping any more. I'm feeling all whiny, like my attention just wants to go someplace else, but unfortunately the house is still here, so if I don't keep at it, we're going to slide back into chaos. It even feels like too much trouble to tell the kids what to do, so I know I'm really in retreat.

The kids have been great, though, and Ziad is being very good about all the chores that have fallen to his lot for the next two weeks. The result? The house, while still really messy, is actually fairly clean. This means that they two of them are entitled to their rewards, but I've got some serious decluttering to catch up on to be eligible. Because have I honored my half hour a day pledge? Only if you average out the massive hours I spent at the beginning of the month. On those grounds, I could coast for several more weeks. But what I really meant was that I would declutter every day, without fail, for a minimum of a half hour, and that I have not done.

"So sue me," I'm muttering under my breath. So, how mature, I'm rebelling against my own self and refusing to honor goals that I myself thought were worthwhile at one point. And I actually do still think they're worthwhile, I just want them to go away for a bit. Or for the house to just not get any worse while I read a book. I need to get real and get with it. Wish me luck.


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