Sunday, April 26, 2009

Get your ballet clips, right here

Ooh, look! It's an ad for the San Francisco ballet.

I really like this particular piece, which was choreographed by a former dancer with the company. I love his choreography -- always clever and unexpected, and usually really funny to boot. See if you can see the dancers sliding. The first time I saw this move used in a ballet I could hear people gasping. I'm pretty sure they thought the dancers had lost their balance.

And now two clips of the male dancer I believe is the bes the company, Davit Karapetyan. I'm so glad I get to see him dance every year. Here he is in a piece from Don Quixote,

and check out the coda

These seem to be his only clips on You Tube. Too bad. We saw him dance today in the Balanchine ballet Jewels, and he was truly amazing. He has the most beautiful sense of line of any dancer in the company, and the grace in his arms and hands is really remarkable.

I have often remarked on the fact that my husband rarely gives me actual presents, as in "Here, honey, I got this for(your birthday, our anniversary, Valentine's day, whatever)" Sometimes when I see the cool presents other people get, I feel kind of wistful about it. Whenever I think about how generously he makes it possible for Maya and me to experience this wonderful dancing, though, I think I'm coming out way ahead.



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