Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dusting off my hundred reasons

A long, long time ago (or so it seems), I started a list of a hundred reasons why I personally prefer to homeschool my children. I should say right now that I never pretended I was going to come up with one hundred completely unique, totally freestanding, and non interrelated reasons. Many of my reasons, in fact, are things like anecdotes or pieces of art or writing that my children have made on their own, without help or prompting, that illustrate to me the joy they find in learning and creation. Or, in other words, "here is more evidence that they have not had all creativity stomped out of them by the public school system."

Then I began to realize how popular homeschool blogging is, and I was all, "Oh, well, if everybody's doing it ....." What homeschooler wants to be part of a crowd? I also felt frustrated that something I wanted to post was a picture, and I didn't have that whole posting pictures thing figured out. But now I can post pictures! And I still have a lot of thoughts about homeschooling in my head (and feelings in my heart). So I am going to dust off my list and try to post at least one reason a week for a while (barring further computer difficulties that make it just too much trouble). Stay tuned ...

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