Wednesday, March 26, 2008

OK, this bothers me

Does anyone see the problem with this paragraph from an e-mail the Obama campaign sent me?

In February alone, more than 94% of our donors gave in amounts of $200 or less. Meanwhile, campaign finance reports show that donations of $200 or less make up just 13% of Senator McCain's total campaign funds, and only 26% of Senator Clinton's.

I didn't catch it right away myself. The fact is, they are comparing apples to oranges. It may be that 94% of their donors gave relatively small amounts, but nowhere do they mention what percentage of their campaign funds that added up to. They make it look like Obama has 94% popular support compared to Hillary's 26% and McCain's 13%. Who knows what the real numbers would look like, if they actually compared percentage of funds for all three? I'm guessing not so flattering for Obama, although conceivably he would still look best.

I just really dislike this kind of sloppy and disingenuous argumentation, and I can't believe for a minute it isn't done deliberately.

On the other hand, Hillary's current invitation for me to donate and win a ticket to an Elton John concert doesn't do much for me either.


Blogger zelda said...

What it says is that the poor masses, those yearning to breathe free while under the heavy jack boot of an oppressive society...your everyday people who can't afford to give hundreds of dollars...they give to Obama.

Fat cats who dine on the bones of poor children give to McCain and Clinton.

7:32 AM  

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