Monday, March 24, 2008

Island of the Aunts

by Eva Ibbitson

Maya says:

Island of the Aunts seems to be a half magic book. It has mermaids and creatures I've never heard of, like a booberie and the great kraken, but they really are just animals that you don't see every day.

All the animals on the island have problems. For example, the mermaids have oil on their tails. The booberies' (it's a bird) eggs won't come out. The stoorworm is like a huge white worm. He worries about his thoughts not going all the way down his body, and wants plastic surgery.

The Aunts couldn't fix all these problems by themselves, so they chose some children to help them. Two of the children worked out well, but one used his cell phone to call for help. His father brought a boat and threatened to put all the animals in zoos to make money. Finally, the great kraken came and hummed. His hum made a huge storm. All the good animals escaped. The children escaped with the animals. At the end, the Aunts return to the island and leave it to the children in their so that there will always be someone to regard the island as a sacred treasure, the way that they do.

I think this is a good book. It teaches you to take care of things, and not just try to make money out of them.

Sarah says:

I already wrote about this book here.

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Blogger zelda said...

Fantastic narration!

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