Thursday, January 10, 2008

A day late

We lost our phone service, and our internet connection, for a while there. Then we kind of got phone service back, but with such a nasty buzz on the line I couldn't stand to use the phone. It was also not possible to establish a dial-up connection with the interference on the line, and then even when the DSL line got fixed, for some reason the service was sporadic anyway, so what with one thing and another I've been denied my internet access. Yikes!

So here it is Thursday, not Wednesday, when I am thinking about how we did with the house this week. And I am coming to the conclusion -- not bad. Wednesday was hectic, as it so often is, but we still managed to get some floors clean. We've been putting in a lot of time trying to organize, but still did most of the necessary chores as well. We're tinkering with a system that will help Ziad and Maya stay on top of keeping their rooms clean. I'm dreading going back to our full schedule, because I really would like to get things more under control first, but if we can maintain things at this level till we break again in the summer, we'll have taken a giant stride forward.

If the next five weeks are like this one, then I will definitely think we'll have earned ourselves some positive reinforcement in the form of material goods. Hanne Falkenberg, here I come!



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