Wednesday, August 23, 2006

97 & 96: Monet in San Francisco, Breakfast in Big Sur

Our itinerary on Thursday:

The Monet exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor
Lark in the Morning to buy a recorder for Ziad
Lunch at the Ferry Plaza
The Asian Art Museum (passport stamped(!))
The park outside the Asian Art Museum

Our itinerary on Friday:
Breakfast in Big Sur
Big Sur Station Multi Agency Facility (passport stamp - excellent!)
Point Lobos (another passport stamp -- all right!)
Lunch at the Barnyard in Carmel
Birthday shopping at the Barnyard for two friends both celebrating their 40th
San Juan Bautista State Historic Park (three passport stamps in one day!)
Dad's work
Drive home through the back country

I'll put either of those days up against sitting in a classroom for hours on end. Hell, I'll put them up against a field trip with 30 other rowdy kids. We had a great time, we drove for hours, we talked, we argued, we saw places we'd never seen and visited places we already loved. The best two days EVER.

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