Tuesday, November 03, 2009

In which Ziad apologizes, and I have mixed feelings

Behold Ziad's latest poem:

I'm not very smart and I know it
I'm also a terrible poet
I'm almost as smart
As a blackberry tart
I'm not very smart and I know it

This poem accomplished it's intended purpose, which was to make me laugh. Maya also found it very amusing. Still, I can't help wondering ... am I too hard on the boy?

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Blogger Lesley said...

maybe it's a comment on technology. As in... people rely too much on hand held devices to get info... My personal crutch is 'spell check'.

When he writes, "blackberry tart," I thought he meant someone who relies their PDA, their Blackberry (or better known as Crackberry 'cause people are addicted to 'em)for information. Those people aren't very smart and they know it!

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